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Russell Bristow

Russell Bristow

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Favourite place to skate? This is a tough one to answer! At the moment Cov Park as it's literally 2 mins from my house.  Also Cov Town Centre at the Herbert.  It's chilling there; great to skate because there are a couple of ledges and a flat bank.  The floor is super smooth.  Other than Cov, I've always been an M.K. fan!

I've been a skater now for nearly fifteen years, in my prime a few years back I underwent a ACL reconstruction on both knees so I missed about 3 years of skating inbetween operations.  Here's to the next 15! Shred till your dead!

Favourite skater at the moment? At the moment I am hyped on so many dudes - David Gonzales, Luan Olivera, all the Flip Ams Alex Margeras, Nyjah always kills it but most of all has to be Jim Greco his Death Wish part was so sick; also the Supra tour footage was ridiculous.  

favourite skater of all time? Too many favourites to pick so here is my top five:

1.  Tom Penny
Andrew Reynolds

3.  Dustin Dollin
4.  Geoff Rowley
5.  Richie Jackson

If I could skate anywhere, I would have to say America cause I have never skated there but places I've already been would have to be Barcelona! So sick!!


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