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Ride Staff

Ride Staff

We pride ourselves on knowing our trade. All of the staff at Ride have hands on experience in the bike and skate scene. We can give you valuble advice on choosing the right bike or equipment and can provide a bespoke repair and customisation service


Joe Atkins

Joe is totally committed to cycling and has been cycling competitively for just over 3 years, racing for the past 2. His strengths are climbing and time trialling; current leader in the local time trial series.

Joe recently travelled independently to France, Belgium and Spain and previously enjoyed trips around the world competing in Skateboarding. Joe is determined to take his racing career to the top, is eager to stretch himself even further.


Darren Atkins

Darren started racing road in the summer of 1986 and took up Cyclo Cross in the winter of the same year. Over the past 30 years, Darren has notched up over 250 victories including 3 Area Road Race Championships and 3 Midland Cyclo Cross Championships and 2 National Series Cyclo Cross Wins. Even last year he clocked up 17 wins out of 20 races, 2 seconds and a third. Darren has finished 2nd in the National 4 times and still lusts after that No. 1 spot.

Darren rides a 20 mile round trip every day into work and still trains hard 3 times a week.

Paul Atkins (aka Jim the Skin)

Jim bought his first skateboard at the age of 9, stopped skating around the age of 16 and got into BMX for a while.  He managed to land a job for about 6 months doing BMX Freestyle displays all around the UK for Peugeot Levis.

Over the years he has been chosen to skate demos, taken part in television commercials, and entered competitions all over the world.

Jim still sessions two or three times (sometimes 4) a week at Creation Skatepark in Birmingham and constantly travels the UK and Europe to skate.  His passion for skateboarding is as strong now as it ever was..


Alex Hayward

Alex is our BMX specialist but also has a great knowledge of all other cycling aspects. Alex was in the Coventry BMX scene from 2003.  Unfortunately he suffered a few major slams along the way including shattering his spleen, tearing his kidney and having a serious leg break witch meant in 2010 Alex would no longer ride BMX.

He now rides a road bike through the summer months and is constantly keeping his fitness levels up by running.

Alex has been a real asset to Ride with his great attitude towards work and a real passion for the sports we cater for.




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