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Lucas Healey

Lucas Healey

I have been skating for 7 years; so many spots and parks that I like to skate but at the moment it's Radlands Plaza in Northampton.  I usually skate with Keller Walsh, Liam Harkin, Ryan Kelly, Omar Daley, Tea Lui, Tom Sly and Moose.

Inspiring skateboarders?  There are loads but Brandon Westgate inspires me.  He go's so fast and the tricks that he does are good; Grant Taylor too - he can skate everything so well.  I'd like to skate so many places in and out of the UK - Manchester, London, Sheffield, Barcelona, Sweden, America...the list go's on.

 lucas-b-flip-250.jpg  lucas-healey2-250.jpg lucas-healey-250.jpg

Sidewalk magazine did an article on Lucas recently - check out his street section.  http://sidewalk.mpora.com/news/lucas-healey-full-street-section.html


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