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David Watson Bike-Run-Tri

David Watson Bike-Run-Tri

David Watson has over 30 years experience of training and competing in many disciplines, and over nine years coaching experience.

"I understand how to build you a training programme that will really work. As well as a level three coach, I have an in-depth understanding in areas such as, strength training and technique, sports nutrition, and aerobic conditioning. All elements I can weave into your training plan and the advice I give you.

With so many coaches and fitness experts around, it is difficult to pick someone you can trust and confide in. I’ve worked with, and known, many coaches over my athletic career and have learnt what people need and how to get the best out of them. The one plan fits all approach may give you an idea of training sessions but how will a generic plan fit into your lifestyle and time constraints? I can support you to develop a regime that fits in with your other commitments, improves certain elements of your fitness or addresses biomechanical issues. Whatever your priorities, I will work to them".

If you are looking for a coach, visit:  www.davidwatsoncoaching.co.uk




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