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Cycle To Work

Cycle To Work

To get a bike through the Cycle to Work Scheme, your employer needs to be signed up to the scheme. If your employer is not signed up, or you are not sure, speak to your manager or HR department, and direct them to http://www.cyclescheme.co.uk/get-a-bike
Ride will help you to decide what sort of bike and equipment are best for you, and provide you with a written quote for these.

Your next steps are: 

  • Go to your employer's special Cyclescheme web address to request your certificate. If you are not sure what this is, ask your manager or Cyclescheme administrator.
  • Cyclescheme will contact your employer to confirm your eligibility and approve your request, and then send them an invoice for the bike package. A hire agreement will also be sent to you to sign. As soon as the bike is paid for, Cyclescheme will send you your printed certificate, which you can then take to a bike shop to exchange for a bike and equipment.
  • When you receive your certificate, bring it along to our shop.
  • There you can exchange it for your chosen bike and equipment. You will also need to take photographic ID with you, such as your passport or driving license. This helps us to ensure that your bike and equipment reaches you safely.

How does payment work?

  • Your hire payments are deducted from your gross monthly salary. At the end of the hire period employees may be given the opportunity to buy the bike for the market value, however this cannot be an automatic entitlement. Many employers opt for Cyclescheme to take ownership of the bikes at the end of the hire term, in which case any offer sale to the employee will come directly from Cyclescheme.


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